Workshops and Speaking Events

 Topics available from the Caregiving Seminar Series:  

                          'When It's Time To...' 

  • Get involved
  • Bring siblings to the caregiving table
  • Take the keys away
  • Accompany mom or dad to doctor visits 
  • Discuss healthcare advocacy
  • Discuss living wills and power of attorney
  • Visit alternative senior care facilities
  • Downsize and 'let go'
  • Find a live-in caregiver 
  • Pre-plan funeral arrangements
  • Move mom or dad into your home
  • Locate adult day-care options

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​                   ~ Caregiving Consulting & Coaching ~
Knowing you are not alone is essential
Caregiver Support Groups  
  • Offered at local facilities in small group settings
  • Group conference calls
  • Conducted monthly
Bereavement Support Groups  
  • Journey through loss and grief
  • 8-week sessions in small group settings
  • Offered at local facilities

Support is available for your daily challenges
Dedicated to supporting family caregivers
~~~ Prepare To Care ~~~