• Are you prepared to care? 
  • Have you thought about how your life may change as your loved ones age?
  • I can help you on your caregiving journey.

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​          ~ Caregiving Consulting & Coaching  ~

Dedicated to supporting family caregivers
Trudy Madden MS, BSMT, CPC, CCC
     Certified Caregiving Consultant 
             Family Caregiver Coach
Your life seems normal and predictable at this point with your aging parents. They are living independently and appear to be healthy. They routinely go for their annual physicals but you have noticed gradual changes which you attribute to the normal aging process. Then, you get the call that changes everything. Your dad has fallen and he is in the emergency room. He is very confused and the doctor wants to observe him for a few days. Thus begins the caregiving cycle that will change your life. 

You may now be facing many difficult decisions. They relate to medical options, medications, care facilities, home care and even alternative living arrangements to keep him safe. Have you considered the following: Is your dad able to live independently? Is his current environment accessible to a walker or wheelchair? Does he still insist on driving, even just around town? Be honest, do you worry about his driving?

If you have not thought about these issues, you are not alone. I definitely did not see it coming either and I was not prepared. My siblings and I reacted to each crisis instead of proactively creating a plan. We did not have time to do it right. We just made it through each day trying to help our dad. We learned so much along the way and I would love to share these meaningful lessons with you.

I would be honored to work with you and your family during this difficult time. It could mean the difference of being immersed in a crisis mode or blessed with a 'meaningful' gift of time to spend with your loved ones in their final days. 


~~~ Prepare To Care ~~~


                                       Consulting Services
  • Determines where you are in your caregiving journey & what you need
  • Fills the gaps by rapidly coordinating information for you
  • Researches options, identifies solutions, makes connections to services & resources
  • Creates strategies to balance caregiving responsibilities
                                      Individual Coaching  
  •  Provides guidance on how to survive & thrive during your caregiving journey
                           Family/Sibling Group Coaching 
  • Helps siblings create a caregiving plan together

As a daughter and former caregiver, I understand how difficult this journey can be.

As a Caregiving Consultant, I can help you understand what to expect as your loved ones age and provide information you will need to make decisions when the time comes.